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  • Digging for Treasure in Northallerton

    August 25, 2022 2 min read

    Our newest store is situated on the busy high street of the historic market town of Northallerton in North Yorkshire.

    The rich and varied history of our newest location starts in Roman times, with the first records of a settlement in the area. Although not as well known as famous neighbours York and Durham, the interesting history of the Northallerton area is why the town has been chosen as one of the locations to explore in a new Channel 5 television series, Digging for Treasure.

    The TV crew of this new archaeology programme, with presenters Michaela Strachan and Dan Walker, have been busy filming in farmland around Northallerton searching for hidden artefacts and antiquities. During filming at the weekend, experts from the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme were on hand to identify and research the finds as they were unearthed.

    Digging for Treasure Northallerton

    The investigation site in Northallerton is set between castle ruins and Roman and Viking settlements. The castle was built in 1130 by Bishop Rufus of Durham when Northallerton became an important religious centre. The castle was extended and enlarged throughout the 12th Century before it was destroyed under the orders of King Henry II. In the 14th Century the castle had been rebuilt as a palace residence for the Bishops of Durham. The bishops palace in Northallerton, on the main road from York to Durham, became a regular stopping place for royalty and other dignitaries. Apart from the moat, there are sadly no visible remains now of the Bishop's Palace.

    In the 12th Century, Northallerton was a focus for conflict between the English and the Scots, most notably the Battle of the Standard, fought nearby in 1138. In later conflict, in 1318, the town was almost destroyed by the Scots, following the capture of Berwick upon Tweed.

    Whatever history is unearthed about Northallerton, we can't wait to see the discoveries! Perhaps a piece of jewellery will be found; a decorative ring or brooch with heraldic symbols and precious gems?  Perhaps something that could inspire a future collection of ours, just as the history of York inspired our designers to develop our popular Heart of Yorkshire collection? Who knows, in a thousand years time a lost piece of Azendi jewellery may become a treasured find for a future metal detectorist! Be sure to look after your own Azendi pieces by storing securely in a travel case or jewellery roll, so that your precious jewellery doesn't become a find for a future archaeologist.

    You can watch Digging for Treasure in Northallerton on Channel 5, Friday 26th August at 9pm.

    You can find Azendi Northallerton at 123 High Street, Northallerton. We are next door to Trespass and opposite Kitson's. 

    Northallerton Location Map and Opening Times: Northallerton Store Page