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  • A look at the Birthday Flower Collection with Gemma from Jacquard Flower

    July 17, 2019 2 min read

    One of our favourite and most enduring collections is our Birthday Flowers jewellery. We have invited glamourous blogger, Gemma from Jacquard Flower, to showcase her own birthday flower and talk us through the collection…

    Snowdrop Pendant and Earrings

    Hello I’m Gemma, and I’m really happy to be blogging here at Azendi today. I absolutely love flowers and nature so when I discovered the Azendi Birthday Flowers Jewellery Collection it was love at first sight for me. I think the pieces make such a beautiful gift for someone special or even as a present for yourself.
    The Birthday Flowers Jewellery Collection offers a different seasonal flower for every month of the year. My personal birthday flower is the snowdrop for the month of January.

    Silver Snowdrop Pendant

    The different months and flowers are listed below:
    January – The snowdrop is the first flower to bloom each year in January. The blossoming of a snowdrop represents the end of winter and start of spring and signifies hope and optimism.
    February – The primrose is the birthday flower for February. The primrose is one of the first colourful flowers to blossom each year. The primrose symbolises love and kindness.
    March – The daffodil is a sign of the new beginnings that come with spring, and the daffodil represents joy and happiness.

    January Snowdrop Necklace   February Primrose Necklace  March Daffodil Necklace

    April – Daisy is the spring flower that symbolises innocence and gentleness.
    May – Lily Of The Valley is the sweetly fragrance flower for the month of May. It symbolises modesty and kindness.
    June – The rose is the birthday flower for June and one of the most loved British flowers. It symbolises love and passion and is given as a gift as a sign of loyalty and affection.

    April Daisy Necklace  May Lily of the Valley Necklace  June Rose Necklace

    July – Waterlily is the flower for July and represents the purity of the heart.
    August – Poppy is the August flower and signifies imagination and aspiration.
    September – Michaelmas Daisy is the flower for September. When the weather starts to cool this beautiful flower stays around and symbolises strength and patience.

    July Waterlily Pendant  August Poppy Pendant  September Michaelmas Daisy Pendant

    October – Marigold. This brightly orange and yellow coloured flower is the flower for October and symbolises passion and creativity.
    November – Chrysanthemum is the flower for November. It outshines all the other flowers at this time of year and is the symbol of friendship with its many tiny flower heads.
    December – Narcissus. This beautiful white bloom is the December birthday flower and symbolises determination and faithfulness.

    October Marigold Pendant  November Chrysanthemum Pendant  December Narcissus Pendant
    Gemma with Snowdrop Pendant and Earrings

    The design of the jewellery is both stylish and elegant as well as being so detailed and pretty. Each piece looks like a real flower in miniature. I opted for the two-tone sterling silver and gold vermeil design, as I really love the look of the two-tone jewellery, but all styles are also available in sterling silver. I love to mix silver and gold jewellery together so these pieces mix and match really well with all the other jewellery in my own personal collection.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit more about the Birthday Flowers Jewellery Collection here at Azendi.

    You can view the full collection here: Azendi Birthday Flowers


    All model photos copyright of Gemma @ JacquardFlower