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  • Ithica - Tones of the Mediterranean

    July 08, 2019 2 min read

    “This place I’ve reached, is it truly Ithaca?”

    According to the Homeric legend, Odysseus finally returned home after ten years of toil and adventure wandering the seas, as he returned from the Trojan War. The idyllic Greek island of Ithaca was his cherished haven.

    Seaside town on Ithaca

    Thanks to a recent trip to this idyllic and peaceful Ionian island, our designer came away inspired by the lush and verdant surrounds. The small island, found just north of the better-known Kefalonia, is only 18 miles long. Covered in peaceful forests of pine and cypress, the island is made for exploring, with forest trails leading to secluded coves and quiet seafront towns. The water in the bays is a bright aquamarine, darkening to intense blue as the water gets deeper, mirroring the clear blue skies overhead. It is little wonder that this tranquil haven provided a creative catalyst.

    Ithaca Cove

    Colours of the Ionian Sea

    To emulate the vivid Mediterranean hues of the island, we have selected natural gemstones to create a palette of aquamarine, blue and pink. Aqua Chalcedony is the perfect representation of the cool crystal waters of hidden beaches. To evoke the vivid blue skies we have chosen Blue Calcite, an opaque blue gemstone with flecks of deeper blue within. Sleepy terracotta-roofed villages are suggested by an unusual gemstone, the dusky pink Strawberry Quartz. These chosen gemstones are complemented with settings in either sterling silver, 18ct rose gold vermeil, or 18ct yellow gold vermeil.

    Aqua Chalcedony Bangle     Strawberry Quartz Bangle

    Simple and structured design 

    The simplicity of the structured designs within the Ithica collection also take inspiration from Hellenic roots. The smooth curvatures and repeating patterns of Greek geometric artworks provide simple, precise structures that are the perfect foil for our featured gemstones. The gemstones and colours of the collection are allowed to take centre stage.

    Aqua Chalcedony Necklace  Blue Calcite Drop Earrings  Strawberry Quartz Necklace

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