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    July 23, 2019 2 min read

    We have always held to the hope, the belief, that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt

    The simplest of designs, a horizontal bar of colour, is the basis our new Horizon collection. Perfectly straight, highly polished, and set with unique Howlite, these pieces are minimalist, yet eye-catching, evoking the ever distant horizon, and the possibilities just out of view.

    Stone Bar Necklace  Stone Bar Bangle  Stone Bar Earrings 

    What is Howlite?

    Howlite was named for the man who discovered the stone in 1868, Canadian gemologist Henry How. Howlite has the appearance of marble; in its natural form it is a white opaque gemstone with grey or black veins running through it.  The gemstone is porous, meaning it can absorb dyes to create a myriad of different shades. If Howlite is dyed it is a permanent colour change which does not fade or lose its lustre. Our Horizon collection uses natural white Howlite, as well as dyed Dark Blue Howlite, and Sky Blue Turquoise Howlite.

    Stone Bar Bangles in Howlite

    New Additions to the Horizon Collection

    Now available in the Horizon collection, to match the stone bar necklaces, we have introduced two styles of Howlite Bar Ring. Each colourway is available as both a Portrait Howlite Bar Ring, or as a Landscape Howlite Bar Ring.

    Howlite Bar Ring  White Howlite Ring  Horizon Bar Ring  

    Limited Edition Pieces

    Two limited edition statement designs have been added to the Horizon stone bar jewellery collection. Available in very limited numbers, and only in the silver and Blue Howlite colourway, we have created a statement Blue Howlite Horizon Cuff and a  Blue Howlite Multiway Necklace. The necklace consists of five individual silver bars on our adjustable slider chain. All five bars can be worn together as a statement necklace, or you can choose to remove some bars, or rearrange them, to create your own pendant.

    Howlite Statement Cuff  Blue Howlite Statement Jewellery  Blue Howlite Statement Bars Necklace

     The full collection can be found here: Horizon Collection