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    In a tradition dating back to Roman times, each month of the year is associated with its own birthday flower. From the snowdrop of darkest winter to the poppy of high summer, the British calendar is laid out as a story of seasonal blooms.


    January - Snowdrop

    As the first flower to bloom each year, this beautiful winter flower is for those born in January. The blossoming of this flower represents winter transforming to springtime, and signifies hope and optimism.

    February - Primrose

    This small pink and yellow flower is the Birthday Flower for February. Named after the old French word meaning ‘first rose’, the primrose is one of the first colourful flowers to blossom each year. The primrose blooms in the month of love, symbolising love and kindness.

    March - Daffodil

    This brightly coloured spring flower is the Birthday Flower for those born in March. As a sign of the new beginnings that come with spring, the daffodil represents joy and happiness.

    April - Daisy

    As April arrives, spring is in full bloom making the Birthday Flower for this month daisy. The most popular daisy variety features white petals with a yellow centre which symbolise innocence and gentleness.

    May - Lily of The Valley

    The Birthday Flower for May is lily of the valley. This delicate white flower displays closed bell-shaped petals which are enriched with a sweet fragrance. The lily of the valley is said to symbolise modesty and kindness.

    June - Rose

    This romantic summer bloom is one of the most loved British flowers and is the Birthday Flower for June. Symbolising love and passion, roses are usually given as a token of loyalty and affection.

    July - Waterlily

    This majestic flower, often crowned ‘Queen of the Water’ is the Birthday Flower for July. In the Victorian language of flowers, the waterlily represented purity of heart.

    August - Poppy

    For those born in August, the brightly coloured poppy is your Birthday Flower. The poppy grows as a single flower which dances in the breeze. Poppies signify imagination and aspiration..

    September - Michaelmas Daisy

    As September brings in the cooler weather, the Birthday Flower for this month is the Michaelmas daisy. This beautiful purple flower can tolerate the harshness of the colder months and symbolises strength and patience.

    October - Marigold

    The Birthday Flower for October is the marigold, with its beautiful array of autumnal colours. Due to its bright and intense colours of yellow and orange, the marigold is a symbol of passion and creativity.

    November - Chrysanthemum

    As November welcomes the winter months, the chrysanthemum outshines any other bloom. This colourful flower blooms as a group of many tiny flowerheads making it a symbol of friendship.

    December - Narcissus

    This beautiful white flower is the Birthday Flower for December. With the ability to bloom in the winter months, the narcissus symbolises determination and faithfulness.