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Candle - Cedar

Heart of Yorkshire Candle

These luxurious essential oil candles are handmade in North Yorkshire in small batches. The candles are made with pure sustainable soy wax, an eco cotton-paper wick, and are fragranced with 100% natural essential oils.

Our three different fragrances are specially blended for us and exclusive to Azendi. 

Himalayan Cedar & Jasmine

The perfect relaxing companion, this fragrance imbues your surroundings with a tranquil sense of calm and serenity.

Orange Blossom & Ylang Ylang

This invigorating fragrance is an uplifting blend of zesty freshness, characterised by bright and tangy citrus notes.

Yorkshire Rhubarb & Blackberry

Sweet and fruity rhubarb mingles with deep blackberries to create a romantic aroma that captivates the senses. 


30cl soy wax candle. Burn time of up to 45 hours. Your candle comes complete with a recyclable outer box.