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The Romantic Story Behind 'The Heart of Yorkshire'

February 10, 2021 1 min read

The Romantic Story Behind 'The Heart of Yorkshire'

A Romantic Legend

Towering over the city of York, the central motif of the stunning Great West Window is an intricate heart design, carved by master masons seven hundred years ago.

Over the centuries a romantic tradition has grown in the city that a couple who share a kiss under the West Window will enjoy lifelong love. 

This lock-down Valentine's Day you may not be able to visit the Minster with your loved one, but you can become part of the local tradition by spoiling them with something from our Heart of Yorkshire(TM) jewellery collection.

Heart of Yorkshire Abalone Pendant

History of the Heart 

Constructed nearly seven hundred years ago, the Great West Window of York Minster is a triumph of Medieval stained glass and stonework tracery.

In the 1300's, the masons of York Minster completing the west window's heart-shaped traceries, must have been in awe at their creation.

York Minster Heart of Yorkshire Window

The Jewellery

In 2016 we opened a new store in York, on the historic street of Low Petergate in the shadow of the cathedral. We became intrigued by the captivating window and the legend, and resolved to create a jewellery collection that reflected this local heritage. 

The collection aims to recreate the iconic heart design in a choice of sterling silver or 9ct gold. You can view the collection online here.

Heart of Yorkshire Jewellery