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New Lockets in the Elements Collection

June 21, 2023 1 min read

New Lockets in the Elements Collection

We're very pleased to launch our beautiful new sterling silver lockets, as an addition to our Elements collection. Each new locket pendant features a different eye-catching texture, drawn from nature.

The classic round lockets exude a weighty, quality feel while displaying a beautiful textured finish. The lockets feature an invisible hinge, allowing the piece to open, without spoiling the sleek look of the round pendant.

 Textured locket pendants

Each texture is also replicated in a matching ring and bangle in this collection. 

Elements bangle stack

From rippling waves to intricate honeycomb patterns, mix and match the different textures together to create your own personal bangle and ring stack.

Elements Textured Rings

See the collection here: Elements Collection