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  • November's Birthstone: Blue Topaz

    October 30, 2023 1 min read

    November's Birthstone: Blue Topaz

    What is Topaz?

    Topaz is a translucent and sparkling gemstone, which is popular in jewellery design for its colour and radiance. The stone is most commonly completely colourless, but can also be found in blue, green, brown or orange. The most popular colour by far is blue, which in itself is available in a range of tones from pale sky blue through to deep ocean-blue. We use sky blue topaz in our jewellery designs at Azendi.

    Hoop drop earrings with baguette blue topaz stones

    Where is Topaz Found?

    Where do these colourful gemstones come from? Topaz has been found all over the world, with large deposits in Germany, Scandinavia,  Central Asia, and most notably in Brazil.

    Most topaz found in nature is clear or colourless. Natural blue topaz is incredibly rare, so nearly all blue topaz jewellery features topaz gems that have been heat-treated to achieve the vivid blue of the gems. This treatment is the widely accepted technique used to achieve consistently high quality blue topaz gems, and results in wonderful blue tones that will not fade or discolour.

    Adjustable sterling silver bracelet with November blue topaz gemstone

    The Birthstone for November

    Topaz is the traditional birthstone for November. We have used blue topaz in our November birthstone jewellery. 

    Sterling silver blue topaz november birthstone pendant

    The perfect choice for a November birthday; our sterling silver November birthstone pendant displays the sky blue gemstone, in a round brilliant cut, set in a simple polished surround. Matching blue topaz stud earrings are also available to complete the set, or to wear separately as classic everyday earrings.

    You can find the November Blue Topaz Birthstone here: Topaz Pendant and the matching earrings here: Topaz Earrings

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