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    November 13, 2023 3 min read

    New Heart of Yorkshire Home Fragrance at Azendi

    As a first for Azendi, and just in time for the Christmas gifting season, we are pleased to introduce our Heart of Yorkshire home fragrance range of candles and diffusers, only available in our seven Yorkshire stores.

    Our home fragrance selection has been exclusively produced for us, with each candle and reed diffuser carefully hand-blended and poured in small batches in North Yorkshire.

    The Fragrances

    There are three delightful fragrances to choose from in the Heart of Yorkshire home fragrance collection:

    Himalyan Cedar & Jasmine

    The perfect relaxing companion, this fragrance contains oils of thyme and eucalyptus to bring tranquillity; cedarwood and iriswood to provide balance, and tonka bean to reduce anxiety. This is a fragrance to imbue your surroundings with a tranquil sense of calm and serenity, offering stress relief through its comforting combination of essential oils.

    Orange Blossom & Ylang Ylang

    This invigorating fragrance blend features top notes of neroli, a heart of orange blossom, ylang ylang and jasmine, and a base of musk. This is the perfect blend of uplifting zesty freshness, characterised by bright and tangy citrus notes, with a hint of sweetness that balances the overall aroma. It radiates a revitalising energy, perfect for creating a refreshing and lively ambiance. This Orange Blossom scent has been designed to awaken your senses and evoke a sense of brightness and cheerfulness in any space.

    Yorkshire Rhubarb & Blackberry

    This scent has been perfected to evoke a romantic atmosphere, with a fruity blend of rhubarb, apple and red berry essential oils on a sweet base of creamy vanilla. Sweet and fruity rhubarb mingles with deep blackberries to create sultry aromas and a romantic essence that captivates the senses. Subtle notes of strawberries gently linger, leaving a sense of warmth and comfort. Settle into a romantic novel or film and allow this fragrance’s ambience to warm the heart and all the corners of your home.

    Three Heart of Yorkshire Candles

    Candles and Reed Diffusers

    Our three room fragrances are each available as a scented candle, or as an essentail oil reed diffuser.

    The luxurious scented candles are crafted from pure, sustainable soy wax and the finest natural essential oils to create a perfectly balanced fragrance with a burn time of at least 45 hours. The carefully hand-poured soy candles are guaranteed to bring you hours of luxurious comfort. The candles are poured in beautiful frosted recycled glass containers and come complete with a simple white outer box. Both candle and outer box feature a textured label with a silver embossed foil Heart of Yorkshire emblem, the symbol of the collection.

    Reed diffusers are the perfect option for a continuous release of beautiful fragrance throughout your home. Our essential oil reed diffusers are created using a low-evaporation oil base to ensure that your room diffuser will continue to emanate its luscious fragrance for 3-4 months depending on the room temperature and how many reeds are used at once. The fibre reeds supplied with our diffusers are naturally porous and allow for the gradual absorption of the liquid which then moves slowly up the reeds before scenting the surrounding air. Seven reeds are supplied with the diffuser; use fewer reeds for a subtle scent and more reeds for a more intense aroma. Our reed diffusers are created from weighty recycled glass bottles and come complete with a simple white outer box. Both diffuser and outer box feature a textured label with a silver embossed foil Heart of Yorkshire emblem, the symbol of the collection.

    Candle Care Guide

    - Allow the candle to melt all the way to the edges before extinguishing as this will keep the wax burning evenly.

    - Keep the wick trimmed and sleek before re-lighting to ensure the smoke burns clean.

    - Please don’t forget about candles or leave them unattended.

    Reed Diffuser Care Guide

    - On first use, carefully remove the cap and stopper. Place the reeds inside the reed diffuser and replace the cap.

    - To increase the life of your reeds, turn them carefully once a week.

    - Place your reed diffuser on a protective plate or mat in order to protect surfaces from any spillages. 

    Experience the Fragrances in Store

    Visit our stores to experience the aromas and choose your favourite scent. 

    Candles £20, Reed Diffusers £25.