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  • 'My Favourite Collection', from Nicole, our Manager in Beverley

    July 08, 2021 2 min read

    'My Favourite Collection', from Nicole, our Manager in Beverley

    Nicole joined the Azendi team just before Christmas 2019 at our new store in the beautiful market town of Beverley. Nicole has helped to quickly establish the store with her welcoming team and excellent advice - here she talks us through her favourite Azendi jewellery collection.

    Azendi Beverley

    My favourite jewellery collection at the moment is the Pinnacle collection. I now own quite a few pieces from the range. The reason I love it is because it is so different and unlike anything I used to wear. Before I worked at Azendi, I would never mix different colours of jewellery. It was either always just gold, or just silver; never the two combined. However, I've become a bit braver since then, and with the Pinnacle collection the rule book is thrown out of the window. Three colours; silver, gold vermeil and rose gold vermeil, are all mixed together, creating the perfect combination. Each precious metal has its own unique allure and glows differently against the skin. I also love how the collection can be combined with any existing pieces of jewellery you already own, whether they are silver or gold. I wear the three colours of a Pinnacle necklace combined with simple silver bracelets and bangles.

    Pinnacle Shapes Necklace

    My particular favourite piece, which you will find me wearing daily, is the Pinnacle Shapes Necklace. I wear it with my formal work-wear but it also looks great when I pair it with a plain day dress, lifting my whole outfit. I also like changing the chain to a shimmering diamond-cut anchor chain when I want something a bit more sparkling for an evening out!

    I pair the necklace with the polygon pull-through earrings, and also always wear the textured rings from the Pinnacle collection too. The rings' hammered effect really captures the light so the rings shimmer with every movement.

    Textured Pinnacle Rings

    To finish off my personal collection from this range I've got my eyes on the Abalone Pinnacle Cuff.  I love the mesmerising abalone mother of pearl - the colours are stunning. Perhaps I shall be treating myself to this piece soon.

    Abalone Cuff Bangle