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  • All About Roses - The Birthday Flower for June

    May 27, 2021 2 min read

    All About Roses - The Birthday Flower for June

    Roses are a beautiful and diverse Spring and Summer flowering plant, renowned for their eye-catching blooms and incredible scent.  Referenced in art and literature for centuries, over 100 different species of the flower have been cultivated. 

    An Ancient Flower

    The rose is considered to be one of the oldest flowers, and one of the earliest to be cultivated by humans. It is one of only three flowers mentioned in the Bible, and rose fossils have been discovered that date back 35 million years.

    The world’s oldest living rose is believed to be over 1,000 years old. It grows on the walls of the Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany and its presence has documented since A.D. 815. According to a local legend, the cathedral rose symbolises the prosperity of the city - as long as the rose flourishes, the city will not decline. In 1945 allied bombers destroyed the cathedral, yet the rose bush survived.

    Single June Rose

    The Use of Roses in Perfume

    Roses create an incredible sensory experience, combining their full blooms with heady aromas. The lovely fragrance of roses is a popular floral scent, with rose oil constituting an important ingredient in the perfume industry for centuries. The process of extracting rose oil from flowers requires a huge amount of roses; just one gram of oil is produced from two thousand roses.

    White Rose

    The Birthday Flower for June

    Just like birthstones, each month of the year has a flower associated with it. The month of your birth confers your birthday flower. The Rose is the birthday flower for June.

    Our sterling silver rose pendant is the perfect gift for a June birthday girl. The silver flower pendant is strikingly realistic, with intricate elements, detailing each curved petal bell. The centre of each bell flower is finished in 18ct gold vermeil.

    June Rose Birthday Flower Pendant, £75

    June Rose Pendant

    Matching drop earrings are also available to complete the June Birthday Flower set.

    June Rose Birthday Flower Earrings, £75

    June Rose Birthday Flower Drop Earrings

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