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  • Midnight Rose: Rose Gold Jewellery with Jet-Black Stones

    September 26, 2019 2 min read

    Intricately set rows of midnight-black brilliant cut stones are the centrepiece of this collection. The jet-black stones are balanced by the beautifully warm tones of the 18ct rose gold vermeil settings. The consistent deep black colour in each stone, set in perfect formation, creates a shimmering impression of a pitch-black midnight sky.

    Rose Gold Jewellery is Perfect for Autumn

    Autumn is upon us, the nights are drawing in, and we find ourselves turning to our winter wardrobes of wool coats, warm knits and autumnal tones. Rose gold vermeil beautifully complements maroon, burgundy, chocolate brown, and the rich jewel colours that are always stylish at this time of year. We particularly love pairing rose gold with animal prints - a huge trend for this Autumn. The rose gold vermeil adds a warm and feminine feel to dramatic animal prints.

    Experiment with Stylish Earrings

    If you haven't tried rose gold before, one of the easiest ways to introduce it to your collection is through a pair of earrings. Stylish statement earrings look great when worn with little in the way of any other jewellery. Choose a simple, uncomplicated style which shows off the warm tones of the rose gold vermeil.

       Rose Gold & Black Hook Earrings Rose Gold Geometric Earrings Rose Gold Threader Earrings

    Adjustable Jewellery, Made to Fit

    Our favourite pieces in the Midnight Rose collection are the adjustable necklace and bracelet. Featuring a spring-button toggle, the necklace chain be altered to suit the neckline of your outfit. It's so practical to be able to alter your necklace to suit - ideal for when you want a long necklace to sit lower, over a blouse, and easily changed for when you need a short necklace to sit right up on your collarbone. Simply press the button down and the toggle slides smoothly along the chain to create a shorter necklace. The bracelet features the same toggle, allowing you to create the exact fit you desire; either tight around the wrist, or a looser, more relaxed fit.

                Rose Gold Vermeil Adjustable Bracelet    Rose Gold Vermeil Adjustable Necklace

    You can view the full collection here: Midnight Rose

    Midnight Rose Collection Midnight Rose Pendant

    Rose Gold Vermeil Hoop Earrings Midnight Rose Collection