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    September 23, 2019 2 min read

    A juxtaposition of asymmetry and balance, our Pinnacle collection features our elongated five-sided Pinnacle shape. Interlocking pieces are delicately curved and angled, ensuring the jewellery balances beautifully and lies flat when worn. The jewellery is created in highly polished sterling silver, with 18ct gold and rose gold vermeil finishes.

    Pinnacle Collection

    New Abalone Additions

    New additions to the Pinnacle collection comprise a necklace, drop earrings and statement cuff all set with mesmerising Abalone mother-of-pearl. Abalone is a blue-green form of mother-of-pearl, with individual swirls and patterns that make each piece truly unique. The abalone we have used in this collection has been carefully selected for its vivid colours, suffused with intricate patterning.  Each piece has been carefully hand-cut and finished in order to perfectly fit the irregular five-sided pinnacle shape that forms the central motif of the collection.

               Abalone Cuff Bangle Abalone Bangle

    The new statement abalone cuff features one large central pinnacle of mother-of-pearl, contrasting against an 18ct rose gold vermeil setting. The abalone pinnacle is set on a simple band of sterling silver. The open design of the wide cuff creates a statement look without a solid, heavy look which would overpower the beauty of the abalone centrepiece.

    Pinnacle Abalone Threader Earrings

    The Pinnacle abalone threader earrings are available in 18ct rose gold vermeil, with stunning abalone set within each five-sided shape. The simplicity of the modern threader style, allows the abalone to stand out as the focal point of the earrings.

    Pinnacle Abalone Necklace

    Our new Pinnacle necklace features abalone set within the central five-sided pinnacle shape. The warm 18ct rose gold vermeil setting of the mother-of-pearl brings out the pink and purple tones within the radiant abalone. The necklace itself is formed from a simple sterling silver chain, embellished with 18ct rose gold vermeil open circles, and an unusual t-bar fastener.

    You can view the entire Pinnacle collection here: Pinnacle