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    March 15, 2021 2 min read

    Daisies - The Birthday Flower for April

    Though originating from Europe, species of these cheerful Springtime blooms are now found on every continent except for Antarctica. Their abundance is partly due to their ability to adapt. Daisies thrive in both wet and dry climates, and sunny or shady areas.  

    Where Does the Name 'Daisy' Come From?

    Daisy comes from the Old English "daes eage," meaning "day's eye." The name refers to the way daisies close their petals in the evening, and open again at dawn, marking the beginning of a new day. It is thought that the way the flower opens afresh every day also lead to the saying "as fresh as a daisy". 

    April Daisies

    The Symbolism of Daisies

    According to the Victorian Flower Dictionary (Victorians used the 'language of flowers' to convey messages to loved ones) daisies signify innocence and gentleness.

    In Norse mythology, the daisy is the sacred flower of Freya, the goddess of love and beauty.

    In Native American lore, the daisy is a sun symbol, representing joy, life, and truth. 

    Daisy April Birthday Flower

    Daisies in Literature

    The daisy, and its meaning, has inspired renowned authors and poets throughout history. Shakespeare used a daisy chain in Hamlet to represent Ophelia’s innocence. Wordsworth also praised the daisy in his poem “To The Daisy.” 

    But now my own delights I make,
    My thirst at every rill can slake,
    And gladly Nature’s love partake
    Of Thee, sweet Daisy!
    Daisy Flower


    The Birthday Flower for April

    Just like birthstones, each month of the year has a flower associated with it. The month of your birth confers your birthday flower. The daisy is the birthday flower for April.

    Our sterling silver daisy necklace is the perfect gift for an April birthday girl. The silver flower pendant is strikingly realistic, with intricate elements, detailing each curve and ripple of the petals. The centre of the flower is finished in 18ct gold vermeil.

    April Daisy Birthday Flower Pendant, £75

    April Daisy Flower Pendant

    Matching stud earrings are also available to complete the April Birthday Flower set.

    April Daisy Flower Earrings, £75

    April Daisy Earrings

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