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  • February Birthday Ideas

    February Birthstone

    The serene purple of amethyst signifies peace and protection.Choose a pendant or earring from our Birthstones Collection.

    The Primrose

    Every month has its own birthday flower. From the snowdrop of darkest winter to the poppy of high summer, the British calendar is laid out as a story of seasonal blooms. Named after the old French word meaning ‘first rose’, the primrose is one of the first colourful flowers to blossom each year. The primrose blooms in the month of love, symbolising love and kindness.

    Gift Vouchers

    We are now delivering Online Gift vouchers by email. This new offering means that you can instantly buy and send an Azendi Gift card by electronic means. Available in denominations from £10 to £200. Gift cards can be used online or in store.