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  • The Sister Sadie Collection: Uniquely Textured Sterling silver

    March 18, 2021 1 min read

    The Sister Sadie Collection: Uniquely Textured Sterling silver

    Our 'Sister Sadie' collection is an Azendi classic - striking designs realised with the highest of quality. These weighty sterling silver pieces feature an eye-catching combination of high polish contrasting against a deeply textured slate effect. The unique textural finish is what sets this collection apart. 


    Spiralling Circles

    Sister Sadie Textured Circles Pendant Textured Silver Circles Stud Earrings

    Textured Circles Pendant £85, Textured Circles Earrings £55

    This double circles motif is naturally attractive with its sinuous form swirling in a never-ending spiral.



    Silver Double Star Pendant

    Sterling Silver Double Star Pendant, £95

    This double star pendant features two interchangeable pieces which afford three different looks for the pendant. The outer polished star can be worn alone, the inner textured star can be worn alone, or both pieces can be worn together to create the contrasting double star design. Matching stud earrings are also available.


    Twin Heart

    Silver Double Heart Pendant

    Silver Double Heart Pendant, £95

    Like the double star pendant, this twin heart pendant can be worn in three ways; as the polished heart outline by itself, as the textured solid heart by itself, or a combination of the two together, as shown above. Matching heart stud earrings are also available.

    You can view the full collection of jewellery here:The Sister Sadie Collection