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  • The Entwined Collection – Enduring Craftmanship

    May 17, 2019 2 min read

    The Entwined Collection – Enduring Craftmanship

    Our Entwined collection has been borne from a focus on creating an enduring and continually classic piece of jewellery that can be regarded as an investment. Quality of craftsmanship and simplicity of form are the two key features that our designers have targeted to bring this design to fruition.

    The main element of this necklace is the exquisite sterling silver mesh rope that we have used for the body of the design. This woven mesh was chosen for its fine Italian craftsmanship; the complexity of the technique to turn solid sterling silver into a luxurious, soft and flexible tracery is masterful. The malleability of silver allows for incredibly thin, yet strong, strands of silver wire to be created. Many of these individual strands of sterling silver can then be delicately woven together to create flexible sterling silver ropes. The resulting smooth, flexible ribbons of silver feel like silk when worn, moving and flowing around the contours of the neck with a supple litheness, yet also providing the reassuring weight of sterling silver. The Entwined necklace features double strands of this unique woven mesh that thread through and hold in place the central classic motif of highly polished interlocking rings. Contrasting with the silver mesh ribbons, the impeccably polished circles produce the most striking effect.

    The necklace measures 45cm in length, allowing the central interlocking circles to sit comfortably at the collarbones. This length lends the necklace to versatility. The piece looks sleek and professional when worn with business dress, but will also sit beautifully with a gown or cocktail dress for an evening function. The necklace can of course be complemented with the matching earrings and bracelet, to complete the full set.

    The Entwined Collection is available in both sterling silver and silver with 18ct rose gold vermeil. The full collection may be viewed here.