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  • Christmas 2023: Shining a Spotlight on Sterling Silver Bangles

    November 29, 2023 3 min read

    Sterling silver bangles provide understated elegance, making them versatile accessories suitable for various occasions. Whether worn casually or to complement a formal ensemble, these bangles effortlessly add a touch of sophistication. Whether stacked with other bracelets or worn as a standalone statement piece, sterling silver bangles can also offer versatility in styling and afford many different looks.

    The three banded hammered bangle moves with you and as it moves the reflections are subtly eye catching. Two bands are individually hammered and polished to a high reflection. The third band is smoothly polished to add contrast.  The three bands are interlinked and thus stay together as a trio. As the bangle moves the bands roll over each other in a fascinating motion. This weighty piece is hallmarked sterling silver and retails for £175 

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    Perfect for the modern lady who has little time to fiddle with clasps, yet wants a well fitting elegant bangle. A hinge sits in the strengthened section at the rear of the bangle. Inside the hinge is an invisible steel spring which maintains the closed position. A gracious curve opens out the oval shape into an appealing crossover design. This piece retails for £95 in sterling silver and £115 in gold vermeil (both are hallmarked).

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    The perfectly round, solid silver bangle can be an everyday piece of luxury with its satisfying weight and exceptional strength. Adding interest is the fascinating wave design reminiscent of a sandy beach with its endless ripples and channels. This hallmarked bangle is from our Elements collection. Elements bangles have a curved inner band which ensures a comfortable fit. Elements bangles retail for £165 in hallmarked sterling silver.

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    The two strands of this bangle are a contrast between smooth and textured and the piece gains in complexity and intrigue from this combination. One side has a polished finish while the other has a hammered and polished finish. The two sides unify at the back to complete the design. This is a three quarter bangle which is fitted by turning it sideways before sliding on the wrist. The oval profile of the bangle will keep it facing in the correct direction once fitted.
    This piece is hallmarked sterling silver and retails for £175 

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    Twisting and turning in perfect symmetry. A round section of solid silver flattens, twists and curls as it moves to the centre in a most pleasing way. This classic design is a three quarter bangle.This piece is hallmarked sterling silver and retails for £95 

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    Simplicity has a quality all its own. This versatile piece is a classically understated bangle which features a polished inside paired with a subtly hammered outside. The soft contours of the hammered finish create flattering highlights. The three quarter cuff bangle fits close to the wrist and is perfectly suited for both the office and after works drinks. This piece is hallmarked sterling silver and retails for £75 

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