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  • New Collection: Seven Generations

    December 04, 2020 2 min read

    New Collection: Seven Generations

    Stemming from a Native American principle that you should consider how your actions today will affect your descendants in seven generations' time, our 'Seven Generations' collection plays with the motif of seven gradually increasing circles of influence. Every decision today has a greater and greater influence as it moves down the generations. 

    Seven Layer Rainbow Necklace Seven Layer Sparkling Necklace

    Like ripples travelling outwards from a pebble which has been dropped into water, each layer of this necklace gradually increases in size to create a beautiful draping effect. The sterling silver chains are set with brilliant-cut cubic zirconia stones, with the choice of bright, clear stones; or colourful rainbow jewels.

    Rainbow Drop Earrings Seven Stones Drop Earrings

    The Seven Layer Necklaces can be complemented by matching simple drop earrings formed of seven interlinked stones in polished bezel settings.


    Interlocking Seven Circles Necklace Interlocking Circles Drop Earring

    The concept of Seven Generations is also displayed in our Seven Circles Interlocking Necklace which encapsulates the idea of the ever-increasing influence your life has on your future generations. Our designer loved the philosophy that the decisions made by you in your own lifetime have a greater and greater impact going forward, as the generations gradually increase. Think about your two or three children each having children of their own, and then they perhaps have children, and as you move down the generations, the people that you have an influence on is potentially in the hundreds. Our designer thought that it is a beautiful concept to think about how your choices today can have an impact many years into the future.

    Rainbow Interlocking Circles Necklace Rainbow Circles Drop Earrings

    Both necklace and earring designs are available in a choice of either classic clear stones, or in a rainbow spectrum of colourful cubic zirconia jewels, encompassing today's use of the rainbow as a symbol of hope and unity.

    All pieces in the collection are formed from beautifully polished sterling silver and are set with the highest quality cubic zirconia stones. Cubic Zirconia is a wonderfully clear and glittering stone. We choose only the highest-grade quality stones which display a purity of colour and a bright sparkle. We never use 'crystal' in our jewellery, which is less refractive and less durable than cubic zirconia stones.

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