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  • Ear Climbers and How to Wear Them

    January 20, 2020 2 min read

    What Are Ear Climbers?

    Ear climbers are a new and unusual style of earring which give a distinctive look, without the need for multiple piercings. This new earring style is so named simply because it ‘climbs’ up the ear when worn - think of them simply as an elongated stud earring. Beaded Ear Climber Earring

    How Do You Put In Ear Climbers?

    Climber earrings only require a single piercing and, once inserted, are rotated into place to travel up your earlobe. Ear Climbers have a long, s-shaped hook at the back, not dissimilar to hook-through drop earrings. Just like a drop earring, insert the hook into your piercing. Once you have threaded the Ear Climber's hook all the way through your piercing, rotate the ear climber up so that the earring design travels up your earlobe. Your earlobe should be gently gripped between the hook at the back of your ear, and the front of the ear climber.

            Stars Ear Climber  Alternating Stones Ear Climber  Beaded Ear Climbers

    How Should I Wear My Ear Climbers?

    It's up to you! Ear Climbers look great when worn as a pair, but equally afford you the chance to experiment and try out different ideas. Our Ear Climbers are sold in matching pairs with a left and a right earring (the earrings are mirror-images with the design curving in the correct direction for each earlobe), but can be worn separately if you only want to wear one. An Ear Climber looks great as a single, statement piece of jewellery with short hair or if you wear your hair tucked behind one ear. Or why not try an an asymmetric look with our Star Cluster Ear Climber in one ear and a single star stud in the other? 

    Stars Ear Climber

    Our full range of Ear Climber earrings can be found here: Ear Climber Collection