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  • How Do I Fit a Photo Into My Locket?

    May 16, 2023 2 min read

    How Do I Fit a Photo Into My Locket?
    This stunning sterling silver locket can be found in our Heart of Yorkshire collection. This weighty and luxurious locket displays the famous Heart of Yorkshire motif, while securely holding two photos within.
    Your locket opens out to reveal two heart shaped frames. Each frame can be lifted in order to place a photo inside. We recommend simply lifting the frame from the inside edge with your finger nails, or you could lift it with a pencil. Avoid using a knife, tweezers or anything sharp as you will scratch your locket!
    A protective acetate is provided behind each heart frame. This will protect any photo that you choose to put in place. The protective acetate handily doubles up as a template for you. Use the acetate templates to find the ideal photo that will fit perfectly into your locket. If you don't already have something that is the right size, many photo printing companies offer a 'locket photo' size print where they can print your image in multiple miniature sizes to ensure you have the perfect fit for your locket.
    Once you are happy with your choice of photo, use the acetate template to draw lightly around your photos. Now you are ready to cut your photos out.
    Use sharp scissors to cut around your markings. Go slowly and use the sharpest scissors you have to ensure a neat finish. Once cut, you are all set to place your cherished images into your locket.
    Place a photo into one side of the heart, replace the protective acetate on top, and then simply clip the frame into place. There is no need for any glue or other adhesive behind your photo - the hinged photo frame will securely hold the photo in place.
    Repeat with the photo for the other side, clipping the frame securely into place.
    Your locket is complete with your photos of your loved ones, ready to be worn close to your heart.