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'Burano': Our Latest Collection

July 04, 2023 1 min read

'Burano': Our Latest Collection

At the northern end of the Venetian lagoon, sits the island of Burano, famous for its delicate lace work and its bright jewel-coloured painted houses.


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This beautiful island inspired this collection of vibrant semi precious gemstones, where each central gem is surrounded by a halo of intricately set sparkling outer stones.


Burano semi-precious stone pendants


The Burano collection offers a choice of golden citrene, rich amethyst, deep red garnet, fresh green olivine, smoky quartz, or clear white topaz. Each featured gemstone is available as a pendant, stud earrings and hooped drop earrings.

A large central citrene stone is paired with a sparkling outer halo of white topaz, set in 18 carat yellow gold vermeil. An option of smoky quartz with a red garnet surround is also available in yellow gold vermeil.


Set in 18 carat rose gold vermeil, a central rich garnet is surrounded by purple amethyst. A bright violet amethyst is paired with fresh green olivine.


In sterling silver settings we offer the choice of a peridot and citrene combination, or a classic full white topaz set.

View the full collection here: The Burano Collection