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    Silver Curl Collar

    This stunning curling neck collar is perfectly formed to sweep around the neckline and sit beautifully. The reassuring weight of the collar has been carefully judged and dispersed around the piece to allow the necklace to sit impeccably in place - the curving drop of the collar will maintain its position in the centre of the neckline and always point downwards. To take the necklace on and off, the collar features a unique strong twisting hinge at the back. A simple twist allows the necklace to open up enough to easily slip it on. The hinge itself is sprung to allow the necklace to snap back into shape, so there is no danger of your collar losing its shape.

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    Sterling Silver
    The diameter of the collar is 11.5cm at its widest. The longer curl of the collar sits 3.5cm below the main shape of the necklace.