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Covid-19 Risk Assessment and Policy

To allow for our stores to re-open we have undertaken a full covid-19 risk assessment and have set out a company policy on covid-19 safety in our stores. The government has advised that we share our risk assessment and policy with our customers, and we do so here.

Risk Assessment

This is the statement of general policy and arrangements for:


Azendi Covid-19 Risk Assessment




Overall and final responsibility for health and safety is that of:


A to Z Investments Ltd – Mr Ian Jones

Day-to-day responsibility for ensuring this policy is put into practice is delegated to:

Store Managers



Risk (Consequences)

Precautions / Measures Required To Reduce The Level Of Risk To The Lowest Practicable Level

Someone infected with Covid-19 enters the workplace

A customer, visitor, or employee passes the virus onto an employee.

Symptomatic individuals will not be allowed entry.

Customers are required to use hand sanitiser when entering the shop.

Employees are instructed to wash hands and use hand sanitiser throughout the day.

Employees will be reminded of best hygiene practices such as hand washing, using tissues to cover the mouth when sneezing, and disposing of waste correctly.

Employees are asked to wear protective gloves throughout the day.

Staff training is provided on the symptoms of Covid-19 and hygiene practices to prevent infection.

Reduce the number of customers/employees in store at any one time in order to maintain social distancing.

Someone becomes symptomatic with Covid-19 in the workplace

An employee becomes ill in the workplace and may cause contamination of the workplace.

UK government guidance should be followed.

Unwell employee should isolate themselves from other employees and immediately call 111.

They should follow NHS advice and be sent home with support required as soon as possible.

Workplace should be closed and cleaned in accordance to government guidelines before reopening.

Contaminated workplace

Virus is passed on to other employees/customers through cross contamination.

General surface cleaning will be carried out regularly throughout the day.

Particular attention will be given to high-contact areas around the till point, door handles etc.

Tills, card machines, touch pads will all be cleaned after every use.

The store will be cleaned after each customer.

Any jewellery which has been handled will be cleaned and sterilised. If it cannot be sterilised it will be quarantined.

Employees will be asked to wash hands hourly or use hand sanitiser.

Items such as business cards, brochures, customer comment books and hand-held mirrors will be removed from till points and should not be left around the store for customers to handle.

Cashless purchases will be encouraged wherever possible.

Customer seating will be removed from the shopfloor.


Proximity of customers and employees

Remaining in close contact at <2m increases the risk of passing the virus between people

UK government guidance on social distancing to be followed.

A distance of 2m will be maintained by changing in-store procedures.

Browsing will be discouraged in favour of a consultative approach.

Consultation areas and direction of travel in store will be marked clearly with floor markings..

Any queueing outside will be marked out at 2m distancing.

Perspex till screens at each till point.

Number of customers allowed in store at any time will be limited to one in order to maintain social distancing.


Signed By:

Lynsey Cooke

Date: 29-05-2020



Covid-19 Policy for Azendi Stores

1. General Safety

1.a) Before returning to work all employees will be briefed on the hazards associated with the virus, the symptoms and changes in working arrangements which have been made to minimise the risk of infection.

1. b) If employees do need to travel to store they should avoid public transport where possible. We will encourage walking, cycling or driving to work. If public transport cannot be avoided then social distancing guidelines should be followed and face coverings worn.

1. c) We will particularly stress to employees that they must only come into work if they and others in their household are well and are not self-isolating due to symptoms from the virus. Further, they should not come to work if they or a member of their household are ‘shielding’.

1. d) If an employee feels unwell and displays COVID-19 symptoms they should go home immediately and follow current Government guidance. After the employee has left, the store will be cleaned throughout.


2. Store Safety

2. a) Each store only has once entrance/exit. We will keep the door shut and control entry/exit by unlocking and locking the door. We will ask customers who are waiting to stand to one side, queueing in front of our window to one side. Where possible we will mark out 2m distancing for any queueing areas, liasing with our neighbouring shops.

2. b) We will limit the number of customers in the store at any time. All stores are small and to reasonably maintain 2m distancing we will ask customers to enter the store just one at a time. Government guidelines suggest no more than 3-4 people per 1000 sq ft of space. Our stores are generally 500 square feet so we have decided that one customer and one staff member is the appropriate number of people in store. We can operate appointments as well as walk-in consultations in order to ensure visits to the shop are spread out throughout the day.

2. c) Clear signage will be displayed at the doorway explaining the social distancing measures in place that customers should follow. We will request that any customers who have COVID-19 symptoms do not enter and use our website instead. We can choose to decline entry to customers who will not abide by our social distancing measures.

2. d) In store we will increase the frequency of general surface cleaning, in particular for high-contact areas such as door handles, stair hand rails, till areas, mirrors and jewellery trays.

2. e) Touch screens and keypads will be cleaned after each use.

2. f) In each store only one till point and card machine will be in use.

2. g) Employees will be asked to wash their hands hourly with soap and water as standard. Hand sanitiser will also be available and should be used where hand washing is not possible.

2. h) We will provide hand sanitiser for customers and will ask them to use it upon entry and before handing any jewellery.

2. i) Employees will be asked to wear protective gloves which will be changed in between each customer. Hands will be washed before putting gloves on and after removing them. Gloves will be disposed of carefully.

2. j) Wearing a face covering is currently optional and not required by law, however customers and employees will both be allowed to wear a covering in store should they wish. Any employees wishing to use a mask should ensure that they are following best practice in regularly changing their mask, washing their hands before and after handling their mask, and disposing of disposable masks carefully. Even if wearing a mask, social distancing of 2m should still be maintained.

2. k) We will use floor markings in combination with instructions from staff members to facilitate compliance with the social distancing advice of two metres.

2. l) Clear Perspex till screens will be placed at each till point. These will be included in our store cleaning programmes.

2. m) We will remove items from the shopfloor/till point that could encourage handling such as business cards, brochures, customer comment books and hand-held mirrors.

2. n) We will encourage cashless purchases wherever possible. Our portable card machines will also allow for a staff member to place the card machine down then step back, allowing the customer to step forward and pay. It is possible to process payment while also maintaining 2m distance.

2. o) Customer seating will be removed from stores.


3. Task safety

3. a) In order to serve a customer, the staff member will consult with the customer then place some suitable jewellery items onto a tray. The tray will be placed at one consultation point in store and the staff member will step back to maintain distance, then allowing the customer to approach and look at the jewellery.

3. b) Customers will be asked to use hand sanitiser at the consultation point before handling the jewellery.

3. c) We will still allow customers to try on jewellery but we will ask customers to try it themselves and staff members will not be asked to put jewellery onto customers.

3. d) Staff members will wear gloves and will change them in between each customer. Even though gloves will be worn, hands should still be washed hourly.

3. e) Any handled jewellery that has not been purchased will be cleaned and sterilised before being returned to the shop floor.

3. f) Any returns/exchanged jewellery will be cleaned and sterilised before being returned to the shop floor.

3. g) Any jewellery brought in for repair/alteration will be cleaned and sterilised before being passed on to our workshop for work to be carried out.

3. h) If cleaning is not possible (for example with delicate gemstones such as freshwater pearls) then the jewellery will be quarantined for 72 hours.

3. i) Ring sizing sticks and earring wands will not be left out for customers to handle and any that are used will be cleaned thoroughly immediately after use.


4) Leaving the store safely

4. a) All employees should ensure that any single use gloves or face coverings are suitably disposed of (double bagged) before leaving.

4. b) Employees will be encouraged to wash hands with soap or use hand sanitiser as they leave.

4. c) We will encourage employees to keep their work uniform washed and cleaned regularly and to change out of this as soon as they arrive home.