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The Embrace Collection: How to Create your own Pendant

November 07, 2019 3 min read

Our Embrace collection offers you the unique ability to create your own pendant by combining different elements in a choice of shapes, colours, settings and finishes. Here we talk you through how to select and design your own individual necklace.


    Circle Embrace Pendant   Heart Embrace Pendant Pave Embrace Pendant

Create Your Own Pendant

To start creating your own necklace design, first you need to choose your favourite central motif. We have launched the collection with a choice of five inner designs; circle, heartstar, square and solitaire. Each inner piece is available with a highly polished finish, or a matt frosted effect. There is then the further choice of sterling silver, rose gold vermeil, or yellow gold vermeil so that you can choose the colour that best suits you. If you prefer a glamorous edge to your jewellery, the heart and circle designs are available in a fully pavé version; each piece is meticulously set with individual cubic zirconia stones, sitting so close to each other that they create a shimmering plane of radiance.

Once you have decided on your centrepiece you can choose from a variety of outer halo pieces to encircle your central shape. The halos are again available in either polished or frosted finishes, and again with a choice of sterling silver, rose gold vermeil or gold vermeil colourways. There is also the choice of a sparkling pavé version in each colour.

Finally, select your choice of silver, rose gold vermeil or gold vermeil rollo chain. Our luxurious rollo chain is a smooth rounded chain that is fully flexible and comfortable to wear. A sliding adjuster means that you can alter the length of the chain to make it as short as you need - simply gently pull the round sliding bead up and down the chain length to achieve the perfect fit.

Over 800 Different Possibilities

Our favourite ideas combine mixed colours and finishes - try a polished rose gold centre with a frosted silver halo on a silver chain; or a gold vermeil pavé halo with a frosted gold vermeil star-shaped centre. The possible permutations are vast! Use our helpful tool to have a play around with the different options available. Simply click on the different colour swatches to change the colour and finish of the three components to create your own unique necklace. You can experiment with the different options here: Embrace Collection

      Rose and Silver Embrace Pendant    Star Embrace Pendant

Mix it Up

Your Embrace pendant can be worn altogether to make one striking pendant but also affords you the flexibility and choice to wear just the inner piece by itself, or just the halo, giving you three looks from one necklace. 


But why not go further? The joy of the collection is that you can also buy separate pieces to add to your pendant choices. There is no need to stop at one centrepiece and one halo - why not select a few different inner pieces or different halo options, allowing you to change your pendant whenever you like. You may even want to opt for a couple of different colour chains. Each separate piece can be purchased individually here: Embrace Components


Embrace Your Creativity

The option to purchase individual elements also allows you even more creativity and a further way to wear the collection. You could create a necklace from a row of hearts, either just in one colour or a combination of various finishes. Why not assemble your own necklace of open pave halos? You can even wear several full Embrace pendants in a row on the chain of your choice. Choose from the individual elements to create your own necklace, or why not visit one of our stores to try out the different combinations in person.

            Triple hearts necklace     Triple Open Circle Necklace

So what will you choose? Embrace your imagination, and be sure to let us know what you have created! Share images of your own individual necklace with us on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #MyAzendi

You can find the full collection here: Embrace Collection.