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  • Wedding Jewellery Guide

    Wedding Jewellery

    Once you’ve found your dream wedding dress, the next step is to accessorise. The colour, style and neckline of your dress are all important in determining which bridal jewellery you should choose. To help you add the finishing touches to your big day, we’ve created a wedding day jewellery guide to ensure you get the perfect match.

    Wedding Dress Shades

    If you’ve opted for a traditional white or diamond-white wedding dress, golds may clash with the cool white hues of your gown so we suggest sticking to pearls, silver and white gold. Ivory, cream and champagne wedding dresses usually contain yellow undertones so we recommend matching your gown with rose or yellow vermeil, ivory coloured pearls or 9ct yellow gold.

    Wedding Dress Designs

    A general rule of thumb is, if your wedding dress features lots of detail, you will need to pair this with subtle simple accessories. If your dress is more of a minimal design, you can add bolder statement jewellery. This season, romantic floral wedding dresses are popular, however it is best to stay away from floral jewellery and instead we recommend curls and circles to replicate the petals subtly for a more complimentary look. For traditional lace dresses, timeless pearls compliment this style beautifully. If your gown features sparkling crystal embellishment, you could add glittering cubic zirconia stones or diamond jewellery.


    When wearing a V-neckline, a single stranded pendant that replicates a similar triangular V-shape would suit this style best. The length of the necklace depends on the depth of the V, ideally the necklace should sit just above the neckline. Our Silver & Pavé Simple Pearl Pendant creates a perfect V shape and is available in two adjustable chain lengths to suit different necklines.

    Scoop Neckline

    Scoop necklines can be either high or low, so finding the right length necklace is key. A round necklace that mimics the neckline would suit this style best. Our Silver and Pearl Cluster Necklace would sit perfectly above a high scoop neckline, without distracting your attention away from the dress. If you plan on wearing earrings with a high scoop neckline, then we recommend staying away from long dangly earrings which may look overcrowded. Opt instead for small studs or drop earrings like our Pearl Cluster Stud Earrings or Silver Simple Pearl Drop Earrings.

    Boat Neckline

    A boat neckline is one of the harder shapes to style as many necklaces can look too heavy or cut off the neckline. It’s best to keep your look simple with either a small pendant or opting for no necklace at all. Instead choose a statement bracelet or earrings such as our Pearl Triple Stand and Pavé Wave Bracelet or Silver & Pavé Twisting Pearl Earrings.

    Strapless Or Spaghetti Straps

    Strapless and spaghetti strap dresses show the most skin, so by adding a necklace you will create a more balanced look. A simple necklace like our 9ct Gold Pearl & Diamond Curl Pendant will accentuate the neck and collarbone without looking too heavy on the skin. Simple earrings like our White Gold, Pearl & Diamond Twirl Studs or 9ct Gold, Pearl & Diamond Simple Studs would finish this elegant style.

    You can view our full range of bridal jewellery online or if you would prefer one of our expert personal shoppers to assist you, why not head to one of our Azendi stand alone stores. Our stores offer a free one-to-one consultation where you can try on various styles to find the perfect jewellery for your dress.

  • Jewellery Stacking - How to Perfect the Look

    stacking jewellery

    Nowadays it is more popular than ever to accessorise to make a bold statement. The thing about jewellery stacking is getting it right. We all know that jewellery lovers have oodles of pieces in their jewellery boxes. We’re not saying to chuck them all on at once, but there is definitely something to be said for artful stacking which, if done right, looks fabulous!

    Stacking Necklaces

    When stacking necklaces the trick is to stack delicate, simple pieces. Short chains stacked with longer chains look wonderful, especially if they have different detailing, but are a similar size. Try layering a short necklace with a small charm, along with a longer necklace with gemstones in and then finish it off with just a long, plain chain. Getting the dimensions right is really important. If you stick to similar shapes of charms, gemstones and chain styles then this will give a less clunky effect. Also bear in mind the neckline of the clothes you are wearing. The chains you wore with yesterday’s outfit may not be appropriate with what you’re wearing today.

    Stacking Rings

    Stacking rings involves a few more rules than for necklaces. It’s really important to keep at least one finger free of rings. Stack a few gemstone rings on one finger, miss a finger and then have an unusual, statement ring on the other. Normally people stick to silver or gold, but when stacking rings throw caution to the wind and mix metals as well as gemstones. Try experimenting with shapes and lines as this helps to give the overall effect and uncluttered look. It should never look as though you’ve just thrown a load of different rings on. It should look well thought out.

    Stacking Bangles

    This is where all the rules we just talked about go out of the window. You can go mad with bangles and bracelets. Stack them up as far as you like, wear them at the top of your arm like a Grecian goddess or do each arm differently. There’s no wrong way of stacking bangles/bracelets so we love this part the most. Chunky, textured, multiple strands, mixed metals – get them all on your arm for the world to see. When stacking bangles, different textures and styles actually work well together and balance each other out. The perfect place to start if you’re new to stacking!

    Give it a go. Variety is the spice of life and now you don’t have to choose!

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