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  • Get into the Festival Mood with Spirited Away

    Spirted Away

    It is that time of year again. People are donning their wellies, packing up their tents and heading to fields across the country in the name of music. Festival season is upon us and, as well as the eclectic mix of music on offer, festivals are also a time for dressing up and accessorising to the max!

    For years people have been spending their summers in fields, dancing without a care in the world and trying to find the most outlandish outfits to wear because, let's face it, how often do you get the opportunity to wear feather headdresses and neon legwarmers?

    The joy of festivals is the escapism that comes with it. The freedom to express the inner you, even just for a few days. Our Spirited Away collection is the perfect way to channel your inner festival goddess. With a mix of pendants, bracelets and earrings in silver, rose vermeil and gold vermeil, Spirited Away is a stunning and delicate collection that embodies the summer time.

    Feathers were traditionally worn by Native Indian Chiefs to highlight their wisdom and closeness to the spiritual world. Chiefs would reward members of their tribe with feathers if they had done well in battle or shown considerable bravery. Therefore, feathers are symbolic of honour, bravery and trust. They make wonderful, treasured gifts for people who deserve a reward or want to highlight their inner spirituality, but most of all they are the perfect summer accessory!

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