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Birthday Flowers

  • July Birthday Buying Guide

    july birthday flower

    People born in July are thought to be imaginative, sympathetic, placid, intuitive and home makers. With that in mind we have put together a few birthday gift ideas to help you make the perfect choice.

    July's Birthday Flower - The Waterlily

    Water lilies are the birthday flower for the month of July. They symbolise innocence, purity and beauty. Real flowers are fabulous, but only last so long, so why not give them in jewellery form instead? Cared for in the right way, our Water Lilies will stand the test of time. Our Birthday Flowers collection contains pendants and earrings in sterling silver and yellow gold vermeil.

    July's Birthstone - Ruby

    The birthstone of July is ruby. Rubies represent health, wisdom and everlasting love. This bright, fiery birthstone is one of the most desired gemstones as it is very rare. Rubies make a lovely gift for anyone with a birthday in July and it is said they bring good fortune to its owner.

    See all of our recommended gifts for July here.

  • Birthday Flowers - Start Your Own Tradition

    January - SnowdropFebruary - PrimroseMarch - Daffodil

    April - DaisyMay - Lily of the ValleyJune - Rose

    July - WaterlilyAugust - PoppySeptember - Michaelmas Daisy

    October - Marigold; November - ChrysanthemumDecember - Narcissus

    Every month of the year has a seasonal flower that symbolises the month of a person's birth.  The tradition of giving flowers as birthday gifts dates back as far as Roman times, but became extremely popular during the Victorian era when they believed in "floriography" - the language of flowers.

    Floriography was as important to people as being well dressed in Victorian times. The recognisable scent of a particular flower, its colour and the way it was presented all sent a unique message to the recipient. This silent language was so complex that several dictionaries were written to help explain it.

    The dictionaries would reveal that Roses - the birthday flower for June generally symbolised true love, but that each variety and colour of rose had a very different meaning. This could be quite confusing if people used different dictionaries with several variations on the meanings!

    Past traditions are absolutely fascinating, but who's to say that you can't create your own traditions in this day and age? By giving a birthday flower to a friend or loved one, you are saying that you care. There's no better gift than that. The stunning mix of sterling silver and yellow gold make this collection truly special.

    If you're already a fan of the Birthday Flowers collection then why not add to it and choose a different flower? The collections are based on flowers that are in bloom at that time of year so you could wear a different flower every month, even if it isn't your birthday month!

    As well as flowers of the month, there are also stones of the month. We have put together some gorgeous collections of birthday flowers and their matching stones so that you can pick the perfect gift or keepsake that will enable the tradition to stay alive.

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