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  • A Day to Remember



    Wedding season is upon us and if you're special day is all booked and organised then all you need to do now is think about the finishing touches.

    At Azendi we pride ourselves on quality jewellery that is appealing. Our Perfect Day collection is a mix of classic items that would go together superbly.

    The collection comprises freshwater pearls, sterling silver and cubic zirconia in a stunning range of styles to suit every taste and dress.

    A wedding collection with a difference, the aim is to provide simple pieces that are ideal for your wedding day, but that can be worn again and treasured long afterwards.

    Pearls have traditionally been associated with innocence and purity, which is why they are commonly included in bridal collections.  It is also the birth stone for June so is considered a lucky charm for any June wedding.

    Whether you believe in traditions or not, there is no denying that pearls, when mixed with sterling silver and cubic zirconia make a stunning piece of jewellery that will add a touch of glamour to the occasion.


  • Jewellery Stacking - How to Perfect the Look

    stacking jewellery

    Nowadays it is more popular than ever to accessorise to make a bold statement. The thing about jewellery stacking is getting it right. We all know that jewellery lovers have oodles of pieces in their jewellery boxes. We’re not saying to chuck them all on at once, but there is definitely something to be said for artful stacking which, if done right, looks fabulous!

    Stacking Necklaces

    When stacking necklaces the trick is to stack delicate, simple pieces. Short chains stacked with longer chains look wonderful, especially if they have different detailing, but are a similar size. Try layering a short necklace with a small charm, along with a longer necklace with gemstones in and then finish it off with just a long, plain chain. Getting the dimensions right is really important. If you stick to similar shapes of charms, gemstones and chain styles then this will give a less clunky effect. Also bear in mind the neckline of the clothes you are wearing. The chains you wore with yesterday’s outfit may not be appropriate with what you’re wearing today.

    Stacking Rings

    Stacking rings involves a few more rules than for necklaces. It’s really important to keep at least one finger free of rings. Stack a few gemstone rings on one finger, miss a finger and then have an unusual, statement ring on the other. Normally people stick to silver or gold, but when stacking rings throw caution to the wind and mix metals as well as gemstones. Try experimenting with shapes and lines as this helps to give the overall effect and uncluttered look. It should never look as though you’ve just thrown a load of different rings on. It should look well thought out.

    Stacking Bangles

    This is where all the rules we just talked about go out of the window. You can go mad with bangles and bracelets. Stack them up as far as you like, wear them at the top of your arm like a Grecian goddess or do each arm differently. There’s no wrong way of stacking bangles/bracelets so we love this part the most. Chunky, textured, multiple strands, mixed metals – get them all on your arm for the world to see. When stacking bangles, different textures and styles actually work well together and balance each other out. The perfect place to start if you’re new to stacking!

    Give it a go. Variety is the spice of life and now you don’t have to choose!

  • Day at the Races - How to Accessorise for Ladies Day

    Ladies day

    Ladies day is a huge part of the summer social racing calendar and is the perfect opportunity to dress to impress. We all know that hats are a racing day staple, but people often overlook other accessories that can offer a wow factor. With prizes to be won for the best dressed, standing out from the crowd has never been so important. In order to look the part, we have put together a simple accessory guide on how to do just that.

    Eye-catching cocktail rings can make a bold statement. Our Shimmerstone rings come in an array of colours and feature a unique honeycomb cut stone which sparkles in the light. These stunning rings are sure to be a real conversation starter, long after the races are over.

    If you still want to sparkle, but prefer something a little smaller then our Carousel range is perfect. This dazzling collection of rings, earrings and pendants work brilliantly as individual pieces or as a set. The faceted pieces exude elegance and come in a vast array of colours that would suit any racing day ensemble. Designed to make the wearer feel very glamorous, any item from this collection is sure to add some pizzazz to Ladies Day!

    Simple can sometimes be as effective as big and bold so why not try attaching a charm to a bracelet or chain? We have some racing-inspired charms that will make you feel like a winner off the track, even if your horse doesn’t come first on it. They would also make the perfect gift for any horse lover or racing day newcomers.

  • Get into the Festival Mood with Spirited Away

    Spirted Away

    It is that time of year again. People are donning their wellies, packing up their tents and heading to fields across the country in the name of music. Festival season is upon us and, as well as the eclectic mix of music on offer, festivals are also a time for dressing up and accessorising to the max!

    For years people have been spending their summers in fields, dancing without a care in the world and trying to find the most outlandish outfits to wear because, let's face it, how often do you get the opportunity to wear feather headdresses and neon legwarmers?

    The joy of festivals is the escapism that comes with it. The freedom to express the inner you, even just for a few days. Our Spirited Away collection is the perfect way to channel your inner festival goddess. With a mix of pendants, bracelets and earrings in silver, rose vermeil and gold vermeil, Spirited Away is a stunning and delicate collection that embodies the summer time.

    Feathers were traditionally worn by Native Indian Chiefs to highlight their wisdom and closeness to the spiritual world. Chiefs would reward members of their tribe with feathers if they had done well in battle or shown considerable bravery. Therefore, feathers are symbolic of honour, bravery and trust. They make wonderful, treasured gifts for people who deserve a reward or want to highlight their inner spirituality, but most of all they are the perfect summer accessory!

  • Birthday Flowers - Start Your Own Tradition

    January - SnowdropFebruary - PrimroseMarch - Daffodil

    April - DaisyMay - Lily of the ValleyJune - Rose

    July - WaterlilyAugust - PoppySeptember - Michaelmas Daisy

    October - Marigold; November - ChrysanthemumDecember - Narcissus

    Every month of the year has a seasonal flower that symbolises the month of a person's birth.  The tradition of giving flowers as birthday gifts dates back as far as Roman times, but became extremely popular during the Victorian era when they believed in "floriography" - the language of flowers.

    Floriography was as important to people as being well dressed in Victorian times. The recognisable scent of a particular flower, its colour and the way it was presented all sent a unique message to the recipient. This silent language was so complex that several dictionaries were written to help explain it.

    The dictionaries would reveal that Roses - the birthday flower for June generally symbolised true love, but that each variety and colour of rose had a very different meaning. This could be quite confusing if people used different dictionaries with several variations on the meanings!

    Past traditions are absolutely fascinating, but who's to say that you can't create your own traditions in this day and age? By giving a birthday flower to a friend or loved one, you are saying that you care. There's no better gift than that. The stunning mix of sterling silver and yellow gold make this collection truly special.

    If you're already a fan of the Birthday Flowers collection then why not add to it and choose a different flower? The collections are based on flowers that are in bloom at that time of year so you could wear a different flower every month, even if it isn't your birthday month!

    As well as flowers of the month, there are also stones of the month. We have put together some gorgeous collections of birthday flowers and their matching stones so that you can pick the perfect gift or keepsake that will enable the tradition to stay alive.

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