Amber is a mystical stone. The word, ‘Amber’ itself, comes from the word ‘Electron’ meaning electricity. This is due to the fact it creates a warming electrical charge as you wear it. Formed from fossilised tree resin, this honey-coloured stone has been used as a healing agent and in perfumes for centuries, but is now more commonly used for jewellery. Amber often contains inclusions – insects or plants that have become trapped inside the resin. These preserved organisms are very sought after and make each item of jewellery a unique flash back in history to when dinosaurs walked the earth. The most popular Amber stones are available in hues of yellow, orange and brown, which is why it was considered to be the stone of the sun. However, there are also green and red versions as well. There are not many Amber stockists around, which is why we are proud to be certified by the International Amber Association in Poland. Interesting beliefs about Amber • It attracts good luck • It eliminates fears • It relieves headaches • It dissolves negative energy • It helps to strengthen patience and wisdom • It balances emotions Amber is not assigned as a specific birthstone, but is often associated with Cancer Astrological signs due to how the stone reflects the energy of the warmest months of the year.